Frequently Asked Questions


Q. So what do I need to do?

A. Simply phone or email me with details of your project and I'll put together a quote for you


Q. What happens next?

A. With details of your project, I will initially put together and email you some rough sketches which are designed to indicate if my style suits your project. They also help establish the composition of the illustration. If you like what you see, then we can start to develop the project further. Every step is run past you to make sure everything is going the way you want it to.


Q. Do I pay for the first sketch and am I commited now?

A. No. I will create the first draft of a sketch for FREE and without commitment. If you decide that I am not the illustrator for you then we can end the process there. If you wish to continue with me as your illustrator, then any subsequent off-spec 'sketch' designs are charged at £15 each.


Q. So what exactly is the process you use?

A. After the initial sketch and idea is agreed, I'll produce a more detailed image, yet still in the sketching phase. This may include colour, shading, more detail etc. Once this has been green-lit I will move onto the digital stage of the process. In most cases I will produce digital line-work in Adobe Illustrator and once this has been completed, I then digitally colour the image in Adobe Photoshop.


Q. I don't have a lot of money as I am trying to get my project off the ground myself - Can you help?

A. I sure hope so! I get many first-time authors contacting me and getting a book published can be a costly venture. Obviously I do need to make sure a job is worth while for me, but with a budget from you, I may be able to work something out.


Q. Can I book you for an entire day?

A. YES. I have a day rate of £210 and in this time I can concentrate soley on your project for faster turnaround times.


Q. How do I pay?

A. You do not need to pay until the project is completed. Generally I will email a watermarked final image for final approval and then once payment is recieved I will send you the final image in whatever format you wish.


Q. How long do you take?

A. I am only one pair of hands and I often have a number of projects on the go at once. I will try to work to your deadline as best I can, but I never want to rush work.


Q. I'm on a really tight deadline, can I get you to make my project a priority?

A. What I do offer clients with really tight deadlines, is the pre-pay deal, where payment upfront pre-books my time and your project is given top priority. As soon as an agreed payment is received I will soley work on your project until it is completed.


Q. Do you print out invites?

A. Although I can't do it in-house, I can arrange for invites to be proffesionally printed. This does come at an additional cost of course. At the moment this cost is equivelent to anyone printing proffesionally - However I hope to soon be able to provide this service at a well discounted price.


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